K. A. Blaha

I am a PhD student in chemical engineering. I have been interested in science and science fiction my whole life. When I was three, my brother told me there was a black hole under the bed, to keep me away from toys. Concerned at this possibility, I became interested in astronomy. Astronomy led me to science fiction. I am inspired by the writing of Alfred Bester, J. Michael Straczynski, Robert Heinlein, Ursula K. LeGuin, Joe Haldeman, and Brian W. Aldiss.


I saw him on a walk after Learning. I don’t usually interact with long people, but when I saw him brush his shining black hair from his eyes, I was transfixed. I waited around the pool until he came off the stand.

“My name’s Cali,” I said. He towered over me. I hadn’t been able to see how tall he was from a distance. My whole body tingled. I shouldn’t be doing this.

“Can I help you?” His voice was soft, with a hint of an accent. Maybe Thai? I’d query it in Learning tomorrow. “I’m off shift right now, but I suppose I could answer a quick question.”

“Oh, I’m not a pool patron,” I said too quickly, trying not to let my face grow hot. “I’m new in town,” I said. I regretted the lie instantly. “But I thought you looked about my age…” far from it. He was teenaged and I was three.

“My name’s Kusa. I was about to go join my friends at the park. Do you want to come?”

I smiled and nodded.