Jim Lee

Jim Lee is from a small Pennsylvania town better known for producing an Olympic swim champion/early movie Tarzan (Johnny Weismuller), the DJ who popularized the term "rock 'n' roll" (Alan Freed)and millions of tons of coal dust. He's been a published freelance writer since 1982, with his short fiction, poetry and nonfiction articles appearing in a wide variety of venues in the US, Canada, Australian and the UK. Two years ago, he co-founded the Sanctuary of Steele, Inc., a fledgling nonprofit assisting the needy in and around his hometown.

Blood Feud

In the beginning, I knew her only as Kalomi of the Plains. The name, the simple and only vaguely descriptive sobriquet seemed enough to know. She was my Apprentice in the Sisterhood, bound to my side by chance assignment and solemn oath.

Soon, by shared experience, she became my true and trusted comrade. Inevitably, increasingly I came to know her as my friend. But still—and despite her many evident complexities of heart and spirit—she remained to my mind simply Kalomi of the Plains.

It is truly said that I am drawn to explore the exotic, the unknown. And yet, behold the paradox—I often fail to wonder at the unguessed ingredients in the stew, bubbling in the homey and outwardly familiar pot before my very eyes.

So it was with my Apprentice Sister—with my comrade and friend, Kalomi of the Plains.