Meet the Staff

DawnSmallCropDawn Lloyd – Editor in Chief
Dawn is an American who got bored and set out across the world looking for adventure. Four continents later, she’s settled in Afghanistan where she teaches English at the American University of Afghanistan. More information about her adventures, as well as her writing, can be found at
Daniel ScottDaniel Scott – Executive Editor
Daniel Scott is primarily an outdoors writer with a background in technical writing, editing, and publishing. When he’s not writing, he enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking and camping. Daniel is a regular columnist for Western Shooting Journal and contributing author for GunUp Magazine. He makes his home in Fort Worth, Texas with his wife, and two dogs.
Charlie AylettCharlie Aylett – Associate Editor C E Aylett is British author living in France, in servitude to two kids and two cats. Her fiction varies between dark realist, sharp humour, and a curiosity with the supernatural. Much like her writing, her tastes in literature and music vary widely and she can be found nose deep with Oscar Wilde as much as a head banging banshee to Iron Maiden. She loves live music and slinky DJs and is normally the first on the dancefloor. Her first published work FEET is available on Kindle
You can find her online at her author website:
or as an editor:
Henry Fields – Senior Editor
Henry Fields is a camera-shy black guy, enjoys helping others, is a son, brother, on-again, off-again sketch artist, a dabbler in digital art, and decent home cook. Henry can be reached by email, or found at his blog: | or on Twitter: @SpecFictionist

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