March, 2015 statistics

I haven’t posted these for a while, but I do plan to post them a couple times a year.

Overall, we’ve been holding fairly steady for the last year or so, though, so you can assume other months not posted here are roughly the same as this one.

As a random side comment, as an author I’ve always wondered about whether editors actually meant it when they said they’d be happy to see more, or if they were just being polite in a form message. So for anyone wondering about TCL, when we say that, we do indeed mean it.

Total submissions in March: 37
Held: 6
Rejected: 31

Rejected for plot issues: 16
Rejected for stylistic issues: 4
Theme: 0
No real reason, just not quite right: 3
Discussed with editorial team, then rejected: 5
Not spec: 3

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