Should I continue to post submission stats?

I’m considering no longer posting these statistics. Our average monthly stats have leveled out and become fairly consistent. We’ve been hovering around 60 submissions a month for a long time now. (We received 56 submissions last month.) I’m not saying I wouldn’t ever post stats again. I may still do it periodically, especially if they change. I’m just not sure if it’s worth doing every month.

If you find the monthly stats interesting and would like me to continue, leave a comment. If enough people comment, I’ll happily continue. Otherwise, I may only do it every few months.

4 Responses

  1. Melinda 

    I always check in on the stats and really enjoy them. I’m also always surprised I’m the only one who ever comments :(

  2. Dawn 

    Noted, and thanks for the comment. I assume most people don’t comment because there isn’t a lot to say about it other than, “oh.” I’m fine with that, but am now starting to wonder if people are interested enough to make it worthwhile, hence the question.

  3. Preston 

    This stuff is gold! Love it! Please, can I have some more?

  4. Michael Carter 

    Just noticed these statistics, and, to a submitting writer they are really very cool. To see how many subs were recieved and thye reasons for rejection, as well as the kinds of stories being submitted is invaluable stuff. Love it.

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