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Submission status – June, 2014

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

I haven’t posted these for a while, but I do plan to post them periodically.

Total submissions: 40
Held: 10 (this is unusually high for us, although it’s partially that we tend to hold more stories at the beginning of the period until we know we have enough. We often go through and reject stories from the hold pile as we get more than that.)

Rejected: 30

Rejected for plot issues: 20
Rejected for stylistic issues: 8
Theme: 1
Didn’t match our guidelines: 1

I’m not posting genre at the moment, largely just because it takes time to go back and count it, and I didn’t get the impression that people were too interested. If you’d like me to do this in the future, though, let me know and I’ll include genre in the future as well.