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Slush Statistics, December 2012

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Submissions were really slow at the beginning of the month, and right before Christmas, but average the rest of the time.

*Total submissions: 59

Breakdown of reasons for rejections (note: All rejections are personal and the reason given for a rejection is the specific reason unique to that submission, even if it does look a bit like a generic form rejection.)

1) The writing wasn’t what we were looking for stylistically: 22

2) The story’s plot wasn’t what we were looking for. (Possibly the story seemed to be primarily a study of a character, idea, world, etc. Possibly the plot was slower to develop than we wanted. Possibly the pacing felt off, etc.): 20

3) The writing and plot were good, but the theme or content wasn’t what we were looking for, or we’d received other stories we liked better with the same theme, etc.: 3

4) Everything about the story was good, and there was nothing I could identify that knocked it out of the “hold” category, but it just didn’t QUITE make the cut: 8

5) The editorial team considered holding, but in the end rejected: 5

6) Were held for voting: 1
(total currently in the hold pile, to be voted by the end of February): 5

7) Rewrite request: 0

8 ) The story wasn’t speculative fiction: 1

10) Resubmission of previously rejected story: 0
(Unless we specifically ask for a rewrite–and it will be clear if we do–please don’t resend us stories we’ve rejected previously.)

9) Didn’t match our guidelines: 0
(These are stories outside our word count or poetry or some other form we simply don’t accept)


And here’s the general information of what kind of submissions we received.

Science Fiction with space ships/aliens: 6

Science Fiction with stories generically set in the future on Earth: 19

Fantasy (traditional fantasy, to include sword & sorcery, fairies, etc.): 15

Urban fantasy: 6
[Vampires, werewolves, etc. are going to be a hard sell. If you do have one, make sure it's unique.]

Magical realism, slipstream, etc.:5

Other: 6

Not Spec: 1


Flash (less than 1000 words): 10

Short stories (1000-7499 words): 43

Novelette (7500-17,490 words): 6

Novella (17,050-20,000 words–note we don’t accept more than 20,000 words):