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Slush statistics, August 2011

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

Here are the stats for August. It’s interesting to me how submissions tend to go in waves by month. One month we’ll get a lot of one thing, the next month a lot of something entirely different, etc.

*Total submissions: 81

*Duotrope responses received for July: 29
(currently 115responses total)

*Held for final voting from August: 1
(total of 1, to be voted on in Nov)

Breakdown of reasons for rejections (note: All rejections are personal and the reason given for a rejection is the real reason unique to that submission, even if it does look a bit like a generic form rejection.)

1) The writing wasn’t what we were looking for stylistically: 26

2) The story’s plot wasn’t what we were looking for. (Possibly the story seemed to be primarily a study of a character, idea, world, etc. Possibly the plot was slower to develop than we wanted. Possibly the pacing felt off, etc.): 34

3) The writing and plot were good, but the theme or content wasn’t what we were looking for, or we’d received other stories we liked better with the same theme, etc.: 10

4) Everything about the story was good, and there was nothing I could identify that knocked it out of the “hold” category, but it just didn’t QUITE make the cut: 6

5) The other editors and I did consider holding, but in the end rejected. They still deserve honorable mentions, however: 1

6) The story wasn’t speculative fiction: 3

7) Were held it for voting: 1


And here’s the general information of what kind of submissions we received.

Science fiction: 25

Fantasy (traditional fantasy, to include traditional fairy/folk tales and anything with gods, devils, etc.): 27

Urban fantasy: 6

Anthropomorphic: 3

Other (magical realism, alternate history, slipstream, superheroes, anthropomorphism, bizarro, and stories that didn’t seem to have any speculative element.): 20

Stories written in First Person POV: 18

Stories written in Second Person POV: 3

Stories written in Third Person POV: 60

Stories written in present tense: 7

Monologue (addressing the audience, but not 2nd person): 2